The international trade fair for the co-operative business

EXPOCOOP 2019 is a professional trade fair intended to promote co-operative products and services of all sectors. Its main focus is to provide co-operatives with the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations and to create a business platform between producers and the international consumer market.

The trade fair provides participants with the strengthening of the co-operative image and brings business opportunities and commercial benefits. Aimed at gathering the world's most renowned co-operatives in a single space, EXPOCOOP'19 encourages the sector’s exports and imports by attracting a highly qualified public interested in their products.




EXPOCOOP'19 aims to be a business platform to the co-operative sector by generating sales opportunities among co-operatives and the consumer market.

The trade fair has the support of several organizations in the food sector, aiming to increase the offer of showcased products as well as strengthen the business rounds program and international cooperation.


Promotion of growth and development of co-operatives

Expansion of national and international co-operative trade

Commercial development: new business opportunities, networking and consolidation of business contacts

Increased exposure for the co-operative sector

Presentation of co-operative values and principles in business and making the case of why buyers should do business with co-operatives

Access to latest professional trends and technologies

Information on co-operative products and suppliers from different parts of the world



ICA member organizations
Co-operatives around the world including the following sectors:

Industry, Crafts and Service
Health care

Apex Organisations for Co-operatives
Banks and Financial Institutions
Government offices concerned with co-operatives
Development agencies
Suppliers of goods and services to co-operatives


Hotels and Restaurants
Consumer Co-operatives
Wholesalers and distributors
Importers and Exporters
Members of the International Co-operative Alliance
Co-operatives from around the world
Government Organisations
National and International Press